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Program Partners

Cedar Ridge Community Church

The Journey School is happy to be housed in the historic Spencer Barn and use the beautiful grounds of the Cedar Ridge Community Church.

The Sandy Spring Museum

The Sandy Spring Museum has partnered with the Journey School to enhance the school's history education, provide hands on opportunities, and participation in community and civic events.

TreeRing Green Yearbook School

The Journey School is a TreeRing Green Yearbook School. TreeRing works with it's partner, Trees for the Future, to plant trees in the Journey School's name.

The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Citizen Science program

The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Citizen Science program and the Journey School students are committed to working together on longterm archaeological and scientific based projects. Currently, students are participating in an on-site archaeological dig in Edgewater, Maryland. Students work side by side with archaeologists and college students to discover the history and use of the land.

UMD Bee Squad

The University of Maryland Bee Squad provides hive maintenance and beekeeping lessons to our students.

Guidepost Montessori

We are partnering with Guidepost Montessori for our 100% remote learning.