Alumni Spotlight

TJS Class of 2021
Brennan Shaw December 2021
I was a student at TJS for my middle school years. I am currently a freshman at Sandy Spring Friends School. I am most proud that I am taking Pre-Calculus this year as a freshman.

TJS definitely prepared me for high school, even though Montessori is a very different approach to learning than your traditional school. I learned many valuable skills that have not only helped me in a classroom environment but in everyday life as well.

I learned skills including time management, independence, collaboration and problem solving. One of the main skills I use everyday is time management; I strive to finish any homework I have while still in school so I am free of work when I get home. TJS definitely helped me build that philosophy by always allowing time to finish your work in school if you took advantage of the opportunity.

The learning is also personalized because of its small group environment. This allowed me to have a more meaningful connection with my teachers. The teachers were able to adjust to my learning style and I was able to voice concerns and opinions, advocating for myself. I was also able to explore and pursue all sorts of topics that I was interested in. My time at TJS was excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone able to go. Without having gone there I would have been much less prepared for high school.

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