*** The Journey School is open for in-person instruction beginning September 1, 2020. READ MORE ***

Covid-19 Response and Virtual Learning

COVID-19 In Person School Safety Measurements

Before student begins school:
  • Family signs Community Covid Commitment Contract, which includes a commitment to social distancing, masking appropriately, teaching children proper hand washing and mask wearing techniques, and assuring clean masks daily.
  • Any TJS community member traveling outside the state of Maryland, agrees to disclose and get tested for Covid-19
  • Students will have their own school supplies - no sharing of supplies.
  • Classrooms and work spaces are cleaned and sanitized using CDC recommended sanitizers. Classroom environment is prepared for social distancing with appropriately spaced work areas.
  • Weather will be checked and if appropriate the outdoor classroom environment will be properly set up.
  • Medical grade classroom air purifier is on and functioning properly.
  • Teachers will check and record each other's temperature and health survey responses. Wash and sanitize hands. Wear masks and face shields.
  • If anyone within the school community tests positive for COVID-19 by a laboratory test, the class will be remote for 2 weeks
Drop Off Procedures:
  • Strict Drop off times - 8:15 am or 12:00 noon - no late drop offs
  • Student and parent masks required.
  • Temperature checked at car and health survey completed and recorded.
Entering School Building/Spaces
  • Upon teacher clearance, students will line up, socially distant with masks on, and prepare to enter the school building. When the teacher directs, students will go straight to the restroom, one at a time. Students will be supervised washing hands for 20 seconds and sanitizer will be applied before entering classroom and when leaving classroom.
  • There will be 13 students and 2 teachers, in total, in the building using 2 classroom spaces.
Outdoor classroom space:
  • Used as often as weather permits.
  • After washing and sanitizing hands students will be directed to the outdoor classroom space - walking, socially distant with masks on. Work spaces will be prepared and spaced socially distant. Once a student has chosen a work and is sitting at their individual work space, the teacher will instruct students that they may take off their mask while seated at their work area, if they wish to.
  • Masks will always be put back on when moving around the outdoor classroom space.
Classroom Practices
  • Students will place used classroom instructional materials in a bin marked "TO BE SANITIZED". During appropriate moments or during lunch and recess a teacher will sanitize the material and place back on the shelf for another student to use.
  • Students will have their own cubby for their school supplies. There will be no sharing of materials. Only 1 child at a time will be allowed at the cubbies.
  • Students will receive lessons on hand washing, class procedures, mask wearing, and equipment use.
Lunch and Recess
  • Students will bring their own lunches, water bottles, and utensils and eat outside at an assigned outdoor table appropriately spaced or inside the classroom, depending on the weather.
  • During Lunch the classroom space will be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Before entering the classroom space students will wash and sanitize hands.
  • Temperatures will be rechecked before entering the classroom
  • Students will wash and sanitize their hands before leaving the building and wear masks out to their cars
Guidelines will be adjusted as needed to follow current research and mandates.

Guidepost Montessori
The Journey School has partnered with 
Guidepost Montessori Virtual Elementary School and Academy of Thought and Industry Montessori Virtual Middle School to deliver 100% remote learning for families that are not comfortable with in person school.

Families that choose Guidepost or ATI virtual school will register through the Journey School and be included in all Journey School correspondence, events, and educational opportunities.