*** The Journey School is open for in-person instruction beginning September 1, 2020. READ MORE ***


The Journey School accepts students 5-14 years old who are ready for challenging, engaging, hands on, project based work. Prior Montessori experience is not required but we are looking for students who are;
  • Willing to explore and take academic risks
  • Self motivated
  • Interested in choosing investigations of interest
  • Able to work independently and in a group
  • Accepting of others
  • Respectful of themselves and others
The Journey school brings children together from a wide range of backgrounds. We are seeking families that ultimately share our vision of Montessori education and our hope is to find the best match between child, family, and the school community. The Journey School's admission process is to understand the child's learning style, motivation, and characteristics in order to determine the right placement for the child.

All new or transfer students are enrolled on a provisional basis for 60 school days. Incoming students must demonstrate personal, social, and intellectual characteristics that will enable them to be successful in our program. The Head of School has final decision in all admissions decisions.

Parents of applicants to The Journey School are encouraged to meet with the Head of School and complete an application. Following the receipt of the application with the application fee of $50.00, applicants and their families will be scheduled for an interview.